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AUPs-Image2Surviving and thriving in business requires resourcefulness and flexibility; for instance, you’ve got to understand the economy, industry, laws, and regulations.

Those external factors impact your business and drive you to hook your strategy, chisel your planning, trim your risks, tighten your execution, file your taxes, and magnify your monitoring.

CRI’s business support services are precision-crafted and versatile. When your team needs practical solutions from one place, you can count on CRI’s handy professionals to be ready. As your needs and the technologies you use change, our professionals also evolve to deliver solutions to your business.

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Budgeting can sometimes become an arduous or overwhelming task. CRI can help you take your historical financial information, combine it with your objectives and strategies, mix in a bit of our experience, and help you create a reasonable budget that will allow you to better manage your business and improve your results.

Business Strategy and Planning

Business strategy and planning can vary widely based on various factors – including the size and maturity of your organization, your goals, financial position, industry, or the economy. CRI can help you plan for your business’ next steps and long-term goals. We provide forward-looking advisory and planning counsel aimed at maximizing your organization’s value.

Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow can make or break a business. Important decisions such as how often to bill or how quickly vendors are paid impact the cash position and health of your organization. And these decisions are sometimes made on a daily basis. CRI has trained professionals that can advise or assist with this important task of managing your organization’s cash flow.

CFOs, Controllers, and Accounting Personnel

There are three roles that are recommended for a mature business’s accounting staff: accounting personnel, controller, and CFO. These roles allow for the safeguarding of your assets through segregation of duties. Accounting personnel handles the routine transactions while the controller oversees the staff and internal processes. CFOs complement the personnel and controller by obtaining and managing the finances while translating financial information to management. If your business needs one, two, or all three of the roles filled – or assistance in building an accounting function in your organization – then CRI is well-positioned to serve you.

File and Document Management

In today’s world, it is essential to protect sensitive business information. CRI utilizes a best-in-class document management solution (DMS) that provides clients with the ability to transfer and retrieve files from our secure system. Additionally, because client files are housed on secure servers rather than in paper files, you can be certain that your information is safe.


Your organization undoubtedly has both short-term and long-term goals. These goals impact – and are impacted by – sales, expenses, debt service, access to financing, economy factors, and opportunity costs. Our team of professionals assists you in both determining the relevant data points and transforming them into a meaningful financial projection that will allow you to better see into the future – one in which you’ve reached your goals.

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