Disasters Never Rest, So Take Time Now to Protect Key Documents and Plan for Recovery

Weather-related disasters can strike without warning and destroy businesses, homes, and critical personal documents and financial records. If you don’t have one already, now is the time to create an emergency preparedness plan. If you do have one, it’s a good time to review it. Keep key documents safe Place original documents (such as tax [...]

Drafting a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Disasters happen. From hurricanes and earthquakes to floods and wildfires, recent years have shown us that every business must be prepared for a potential disaster or crisis. Since disaster is sometimes unavoidable, a business owner’s best bet is preparation. Having a well-thought-out business continuity plan (BCP) in place can help you weather whatever storms may [...]

Advantages of Working with a CPA When Seeking COVID-19 Relief

As the repercussions of COVID-19 continue to materialize, many businesses are exploring relief programs and options for keeping their doors open and financials stable. Whether you are just starting the application process, or you have already been approved for financial assistance, there are many ways a CPA can help you and your business get back [...]

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Bracing for Disaster? Prepare to Deduct Casualty Losses

Natural disasters seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Each year, our nation is plagued with wildfires in the West, tornados in the Midwest, flooding in the Northeast, and hurricanes in the South and Southeast. Few businesses are completely safe from an impending disaster. Fortunately, the IRS has plans in place to aid businesses [...]

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Natural Disasters: 3 Tips for Safeguarding Tax Records

Don’t let a natural disaster become a tax disaster too. Be sure to protect your tax records and other valuable information. This time of year it is especially important to utilize the tips below in preparation for hurricane season. 1. Electronic Backup Taxpayers should always keep a set of backup records of all important documents [...]

Disaster Recovery: Protect Your Assets With the Right Insurance

When a disaster of any kind damages a home or a business, the owners’ first reaction may be to reach for something that makes them feel protected. We have compiled a number of insurance policy options that individuals, businesses, or both can purchase to protect themselves from property damages, business interruptions, or other losses due [...]


5 Steps to Help in Disaster Preparation

Backup electronic accounting records. Accounting records can include anything from accounting software to spreadsheets that are used for budgeting. Consider subscribing to a cloud-based storage service, or — at a minimum — store your backup data in multiple locations. Backup electronic records regularly to ensure data remains current and easily recoverable. Protect computers and [...]

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5 Steps to Create a Business Disaster Plan

If disaster strikes, is your business prepared? Most businesses have a business plan, but you may be surprised how many don’t have a business disaster plan – a set of guidelines to minimize the impact of a disaster, natural or otherwise. Of course, the odds of a disaster striking your business are very small, but [...]

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How to Be Prepared With a Business Continuity Plan

They say that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Most business owners know that a business plan is an indispensable component of a successful company. But there is another crucial plan that many business owners forget to create: a business continuity plan. What Is a Business Continuity Plan? A business continuity plan [...]

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Risk Management: Avoiding Crisis & Staying Afloat

In general, most of us agree that a back-up plan is worthwhile. It’s universally accepted as fact that most entrepreneurs are comfortable taking risks. But many business owners focus more on the ultimate risk of failure on a macro-level rather than the smaller—but no less devastating—everyday risks. Those typically include property damage, public relation issues, [...]

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