Tax Considerations for Buyers Contemplating Mergers & Acquisitions

When contemplating a merger or acquisition, buyers assess a variety of items about the target entity, such as internal controls, quality of customers, accounting practices, financials, projected growth, and so much more. What many buyers may not know is that mergers and acquisitions (M&As) also have a slew of tax ramifications that, if not handled [...]

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Boost Your Cash Flow with Net Operating Loss Carrybacks

The U.S. Tax Code offers few “quick fixes” for businesses that are short on cash, but the recent revival of net operating loss (NOL) carrybacks might be one of them. NOL carrybacks are only permitted for a short time, but by taking advantage of them while you can, your business may be able to secure [...]

The Basics of Private Business Valuation

“What is my business worth?”  That is the question every private business owner will ask at some point in time. While publicly-held businesses can instantly derive values from stock markets, the owners of privately-held businesses have no such markets available. Notwithstanding, the underlying concepts used to value public businesses are equally utilized by potential buyers [...]

Restructuring Organizations through Tax Free Business Splits

Every company must evolve over time to compete and meet changing customer needs. However, sometimes a company may develop to the point where different segments don’t work well together or multiple owners find themselves unable to agree on a strategic direction. Dividing the business into separate entities may provide a way to handle these types [...]

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