Digital Transformation Starts With Process, Not Technology.

“Why do some digital transformation (DT) efforts succeed and others fail? Fundamentally, it’s because most digital technologies provide possibilities for efficiency gains and customer intimacy. But if people lack the right mindset to change and the current organizational practices are flawed, DT will simply magnify those flaws.” (Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology, by Behnam Tabrizi et [...]

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Time to Pivot? How Your CPA Can Help You Adapt to a Changing Environment  

Owning a business means handling your share of curve balls. There’s always something that changes the dynamics of doing business — a shift in customer demographics, regulatory changes, or even a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic. Whether it’s the way you connect to potential customers, how you serve them, or even the basic premise of what you’re [...]

When E-Commerce Sellers Would Benefit from Hiring an Accountant

In the last decade, online retailers have become more common, and the demand for brick-and-mortar retailers to accept online orders has skyrocketed. This means that almost all businesses are exploring the online marketplace. This trend toward online selling is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be confusing, which is why it’s important to hire [...]

Make Better Business Decisions with Financial Modeling

Competing successfully in today’s dynamic economy requires businesses of every size to pivot quickly when circumstances change. Whether it’s anticipating cash flow in future economic scenarios or evaluating the potential impacts of a decision under consideration right now, small business owners can leverage financial models to compete more effectively and maximize profitability. What Is Financial [...]

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Why Profits Do Not Always Lead to a Positive Cash Flow (and Vice Versa)

Net profits and a positive cash flow often go hand in hand, but not always. Some businesses report profits on the books while struggling to pay their bills each month. For your business to be successful, your management team must prioritize both profits and cash flow. Cash Flow vs. Net Profit It is important to [...]

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Yes, Operational Planning Is Still Important

With the memory of the most disruptive year in modern history still fresh in our minds, it can be tempting to throw up your hands and say, “What’s the use of planning?” But here’s the thing: When the dust settles, the companies best positioned for the COVID era will prove to be those that entered [...]

Is It Time for Cloud Accounting?

Chances are that you and your employees got a crash course in working from home during 2020. If so, maybe you discovered the limitations of on-premise license software and, like many other businesses, are migrating business operations to the cloud. The trends that are driving the shift to subscription-based software have only been accelerated by [...]

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Watching the Horizon: Do You Have the Data You Need to Predict Cash Flow?

Pilots don’t fly a plane by staring in the rearview mirror, so why do we rely on backward-looking financial statements to pilot a business? The COVID-19 pandemic brought into stark focus the critical importance of having real-time, comprehensible, and (most important) actionable data to anticipate cash needs. Businesses with this data at their fingertips were [...]

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Real-Time Results: How Dashboards Can Help You Move Your Small Business Forward

Quick! What was your highest operating expense last month? What was the percent change month-to-month? And how does that expense compare to the same month last year? If you can’t answer those questions in just a minute or two, then you might want to consider the benefits of dashboards. Dashboards: Beauty in Simplicity Learn how [...]

Don’t Get Ready for Fiscal Year-End. Stay Ready.

As a business owner, you may be used to seeing articles about the importance of getting started early for your fiscal year-end. Do you know what’s even better than getting prepared? Staying prepared! Be honest: How many times have you realized during the year-end close process that a significant transaction was recorded incorrectly? Correcting that [...]

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Cash Flow Best Practices for Businesses Facing Economic Uncertainty

Cash flow is more important than ever. Even when markets are down, taxes will come due, loans will need to be repaid, and investments will be required to keep your organization on sound footing. While a positive cash flow is not the only factor that influences success, it’s a good indicator that a business is [...]

Maximizing Revenue Is a Realistic Goal, Even During a Pandemic

When managing our business operations in times of economic instability, we tend to focus on the expense side of the equation. We ask ourselves: Where can we cut costs? Is this a necessary purchase? Can we negotiate a lower fee? The revenue side can easily get overlooked. But just like our cash outflows, we can [...]

Thriving Under COVID: How the Best Companies Do More Than Just Survive

Sometimes progress comes from dire situations. Consider the lodgepole pine: The tree’s hard cones release their seeds only when exposed to the crucible of a fire. Likewise, economic crises can highlight the natural resilience of members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted our lives and the way we work, but agile and [...]

Back to Profitability: How Small Businesses Can Emerge Stronger from Crisis

“Bad businesses are destroyed by a crisis; good businesses survive them; great businesses are improved by them.” —Andy Grove, former CEO, Intel There’s nothing like a crisis to give people clarity and crystallize the fundamentals of running a successful business. Although this crisis has been unlike anything we’ve seen before in our lifetimes, it has [...]

Understanding Your Accountant’s Language

If the terminology your accountant uses sounds like a foreign language, don’t worry. Understanding your accountant is simpler than you may think. When they mention your P&L or the DOR or leveraged investments, they are talking about concepts you’re already familiar with. With time, these acronyms and terms can easily become second nature to you, [...]

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Communicating with Your CPA: A How-To Guide

The relationship you have with your accountant can be one of your most valuable connections, but only if you take advantage of it. You can capitalize on that relationship with a little prep work. Your accountant is here to help you achieve your business goals, and it’s a team sport, so they need your help. [...]

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How to Increase Your Chances of a Successful Financial Statement Audit

Clean, audited financials open doors for your business. Whether you’re bidding on a major contract or looking for new sources of financing, audited financials will hasten the decision-making process, priming your business for new growth and helping you accomplish other organizational goals. So what can you do to make sure your audit proceeds without a [...]

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Spring Cleaning Now Improves Business Performance All Year

When the first flowers poke out their heads, small business owners begin the entrepreneur’s version of a spring-cleaning ritual in preparation for filing tax returns. But a springtime cleanup of bookkeeping and accounting is also a great reminder of what you can do to be more proactive year-round, allowing you to achieve better results as [...]

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IRS Announces New Regulations and Resources to Support Revised W-4 Form

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made some changes to U.S. taxes that meant significant modifications to the systems the IRS uses to administer the law. Perhaps the most notable of these changes was the elimination of the personal exemption, as this concept was the basis on which employee withholding had been calculated for [...]

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