Business Valuation Can Avoid a Merry-Go-Round During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings are typically difficult enough for all parties involved but imagine also having a privately held or family-owned business for consideration. Questions quickly abound, including: Is the business a marital asset? Do both spouses have ownership in the business? Will one spouse buy the ownership of the other spouse? How much is the ownership worth? [...]

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Conducting a Fitness Assessment of Your Small Business

Can you really put a price on the blood, sweat, and tears that went into building your small business? You most likely can. Before you can start your “rest and recovery period” — whether your exit plan is succession to the next generation of family members or sale to the highest bidder — a thorough [...]

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How to Maximize Business Sale and Successfully Exit

There are countless published tips to maximize business sale, improve the value of a company, and prepare for an exit, but business owners able to recognize windows of opportunity can typically sell the business for a much higher premium. Scenarios to Maximize Business Sale The following five scenarios often suggest a good opportunity for selling a [...]

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4 Tips to Consider When Creating a Business Succession Plan

It is natural for business owners to want to manage the companies they built from the ground up. As a result, they often procrastinate on creating a business succession plan, which helps a company prepare for a change in ownership. The following four tips can make succession planning a much smoother process – even for [...]

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