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CECL Dashboard

With the effective date of the current expected credit loss (CECL) standard quickly approaching, it’s important your institution has set clear goals for compliance and developed a timeline for implementation. While this process can seem daunting, CRI can assist you through all stages of CECL implementation so you can be confident the result makes sense for your institution.

So, how can we assist in getting your institution on the CECL path to compliance today? Enter CRI’s CECL Dashboard. The CECL Dashboard allows you to proactively plan for the new Allowance for Credit Losses (ACL) requirements by integrating our easy-to-use and automated tool backed by BankTrends and CUmetrics technology.

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The CECL Dashboard is a web-based tool that:

  • Automatically aggregates 11+ years of Call Report data, thus eliminating the common challenge of obtaining historical data
  • Utilizes GAAP compliant methodologies to calculate your ALLL
  • Calculates peer group loss rates to help support Q-factor adjustments
  • Allows for user-defined inputs to further customize past Call Report data
  • Provides a customized regression analysis based on leading economic indicators to forecast future charge-offs at your institution

Our experienced professionals can assist with your questions and needs regarding CECL implementation in today’s challenging environment. In addition to introducing the CECL Dashboard, we can assist your management team with the following adoption and implementation strategies:

Board and stakeholder training

Project planning

Vendor selection

Process and control documentation

Model validation

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