Do I need to pay for additional software licenses, support, and back-ups?


Most current financial reporting software packages require users to pay for various software licenses, as well as the hardware to maintain and back-up the data; this is true even if they also pay an accounting firm that uses the same software. Under our model, the software price, maintenance, and back-up of related data is all included in the monthly service fee.


How do I streamline document transport and storage for my organization?


Have you ever had to send your accountant the “back-up” file or source documents? There can be clunky portals or email versioning issues when collaborating with your accountant. Our system is based on a single ledger system (no more multiple versions) and a linkage of the source data to transactions. Because it’s all in one system, there’s no need for portals or secure means of file transfer.

Is there any way to gather and combine financial information from various sources?


Are you having to go to various banks and credit card companies to gather information to input into your systems? Are you having to do so manually? Our platform has established connections with thousands of banks and credit card companies, which enables automated feeds – ensuring more accurate financial information is efficiently captured in your system.

Can you make my operations more efficient?


Today’s businesses are typically using manual data entry and processes to gather information. Additionally, due to the manual nature of the process, redundancies are often needed to strengthen internal controls to ensure completeness and accuracy. Our platform allows for automation of input and internal controls that reduce redundancy.


Can you unlock useful financial information for a business owner from my systems?


Most companies have a multitude of financial data captured in their financial systems. However, gathering the data can often be difficult. Our platform possesses built-in dashboards, allowing for development of key performance, or—even better—key predictive indicators. The platform unlocks the power of the financial data inside your systems.

Can I have access to financial information at my fingertips?


Because most financial information systems used by small businesses today are captured in on-premise software, gaining access to the information remotely is either difficult or impossible. Since our platform is in the cloud, it allows for access anytime, from anywhere, and on any device.

Can I have “right now” (versus historical) data and advice for strategic business decisions?


Historical information can be helpful; however, real-time information is extremely powerful. Our goal is to train your team to utilize our technology in a way that allows for real-time financial information. We then use our expertise and experience to translate that “right now” information into decision-useful information and advice.

Can my financial information be both accessible and secure?


In today’s world, cyberattacks happen. The question isn’t “if” it will occur, but rather “when.” We’ve selected a platform that utilizes secure, encrypted channels for file transfer, bank feeds, file storage, and more.
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