The CRI vSTAR™ Process: Transforming auditing with virtual ease.

Technology is critical to both your success and ours. Foresight told us that to best serve our clients’ future needs, that we needed to combine technology with the human components of insight, advice, and responsiveness. The desire to better serve our clients led us to patent the CRI virtual Services + Technology + Advisory + Responsiveness (vSTAR™) process in 2016. CRI vSTAR™ utilizes software that encrypts all video conferences and data and allows your CRI professionals to perform the same tasks without physically being present.

The audit of the future soon became the audit of the present as a global pandemic highlighted the need for virtual options to perform crucial operational functions. The pandemic also brought to light the need to expand CRI vSTAR™ to encompass every service we offer our clients. Clients utilizing our full suite of services (accounting, audits, bookkeeping, compliance, reviews, tax returns, etc.) indicate that the increased efficacy, efficiency, honed client focus, significantly reduced travel costs, and crisis-proofing for their business functions have tremendously benefitted their organizations. Benefits like these will lead to virtual methods, in part or entirely, becoming the preferred method for businesses to work alongside their service provider.

Welcome to CRI vSTAR™ — the transformational approach to client service.

Benefit from service delivery that is: