In this webinar, CRI’s Healthcare Team discusses the impacts of the pandemic, the ongoing federal response, and recent rule changes impacting healthcare providers of nearly all types. We explore both the current and likely long-term impacts of the events of 2020, positive and negative, on the future of healthcare finance. We also discuss near-term challenges that healthcare providers face, as well as touch on the potential long-term impacts and evolution of healthcare in 2021 and beyond. Finally, we also cover the new Biden administration and the ever-changing political landscape, and what healthcare providers of all types should expect in the coming years.

Participant Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how 2020 has impacted the financial landscape of healthcare entities
  • Identify changes for 2021, from a financial perspective, and how this may continue to evolve
  • Recognize how the Medicare and Medicaid programs are changing, in light of recent events
  • Consider how the new administration in Washington, as well as state administrations, may impact the future of healthcare finance

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