Has your governmental entity been affected by COVID-19?

Relief funding for state and local governments impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more and more available in the forms of loans, grants, and other types of resources. For many governments, the CARES Act is the primary source of relief funding as it provides such substantial amounts of support for state and local governments throughout the country.

Are you aware of the various types of COVID-19-related funding opportunities available to your organization?

While the CARES Act is a key source of funding during this time, there are a plethora of other sources likely to also provide additional COVID-19-related funding for state and local agencies. This additional funding is often in the form of new loans from the central bank or as grants. Examples of sources for these other funding options include:

  • Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Community Development Block Grant Programs (CDBG)
  • Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Programs (CDBG-DR)
  • S. Department of Transportation
  • S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Do you know what steps to take to secure and keep your funding, while maintaining compliance?

Our team of experienced governmental accountants can assist your entity in obtaining relief funding, whether via the CARES Act or through various other federal funding opportunities. Once the funding is secured, our experienced professionals document the necessary documentation processing functions required to maintain funding, while also providing compliance support to ensure that the funding is used appropriately, ultimately avoiding returns of the funds. We also provide technical assistance, including coordination with federal, local, and state agencies, as well as preparation for any potential future audits. Rounding out CRI’s COVID-19-Related Funding Support Services for Governments is our broad spectrum of advisory service offerings, ranging from cash flow management consulting and fraud oversight, to recommendations for implementation of processes and internal controls to optimize the health of your organization’s finances.

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Services and Solutions

Obtaining Funding

  • Identify available funding

  • Design and implement application procedures
  • Compile or review documentation for applications
  • Provide consultation on maximizing federal, state, and private funding opportunities

Maintaining Funding

  • Assemble documentation for reimbursements
  • Analyze project worksheets and reimbursements
  • Expedite the reimbursement process
  • Prepare loan documentation
  • Reconcile internal records
  • Generate reports required for relief funds
  • Develop close-out documentation

Compliance Support

  • Clarify authorized uses of Relief Funds
  • Establish and/or verify eligibility of expenditures
  • Advise on federal, state, and local compliance requirements
  • Ensure compliance with grant or loan requirements
  • Procedure guidance for monitoring compliance
  • Confirm final disbursement of relief funds

Technical Assistance

  • Provide support for potential audits of relief funds
  • Prepare documentation for and assist with financial reporting
  • Coordinate with and attend meetings with local, federal, and state agencies
  • Report status to management and governance

Advisory Services

  • Consult on cash flow, advances, and reimbursements
  • Recommend procedures to ensure accurate and complete program reports
  • Advise on tracking methods for program reports
  • Guide processes to properly document grant funds
  • Interpretation of the latest regulations and guidelines
  • Advise on fraud, waste, abuse prevention and identification, and remediation
  • Assist with appeals procedures for disputes of amounts awarded
  • Propose approaches for making fiscal adjustments
  • Direct support and consultation
  • Internal control evaluation and recommendations

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