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3 Grant Writing Tips to Help Not-For-Profit Organizations

Feb 11, 2022

Community foundations are often an overlooked funding resource for not-for-profit organizations. The procurement of funding from community foundations through grant writing is a very competitive process, with many organizations vying for a limited number of grants. These highly sought-after grants can provide a funding source for capital improvements or other operational activities not traditionally allowed by grant funding authorities.

Consider the following three grant writing tips to make grant applications to your community foundation more meaningful:

  1. Follow the course: Be sure your grant application is completed precisely! Community foundations may eliminate incomplete applications from organizations not complying with the instructions for the grant application. It is critical that the grant writer or a grant proofer review the completed grant application against the grant application instructions to ensure the application is fully compliant.
  2. Be aware of the clock, specifically due dates and timelines. Make every effort to submit the application well before the due date. Grant applications should not be submitted on the last day of the application period, and late applications may not even be considered.
  3. Create a road map of how the requested funding will be utilized. Make a compelling case outlining exactly how the funds will be used to further the organization’s mission. In many cases, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Consider including before photos of the organization’s need, and after photos or artist renditions of the completed project for which the funds will be used.

In today’s marketplace of shrinking funding from traditional sources, local community foundations may be a great source of funding. Contact your local community foundation for specific details on the grant review process and to inquire about any other eligible grant categories for your nonprofit organization. Paying attention to detail, honoring commitments to timelines, and articulating your specific need are some of the keys to submitting a winning grant application. CRI’s not-for-profit CPAs can provide financial statements or any other necessary financial documentation requested in your grant application. Give us a call for more information that will help your nonprofit organization land in victory lane.

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