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DSH and Supplemental Payment Programs (Medicare and Medicaid)

Whether it be Medicare or Medicare DSH, UPL, LIP, or other programs under Section 1115 waivers, these vital and irreplaceable components of your reimbursement partially offset the ever-increasing costs of serving uninsured and Medicaid-eligible individuals.

Due to legislation enacted recently, federal funding for DSH has been drastically reduced, along with allotments to individual states for their DSH and other similar programs. As a result, it is more important than ever that a healthcare provider invests in the necessary resources and expertise to obtain all appropriate reimbursement amounts.

CRI’s healthcare professionals have considerable experience assisting our clients in these matters. CRI currently serves (or has served) as the independent CPA for several states in their annual DSH examination—services that provide our healthcare team with unparalleled expertise. Among other services, our professionals assist with:

  • Medicare DSH optimization (including, but not limited to, S-10 improvements, SSI review, Medicaid eligibility studies, and reclassifications)
  • Medicaid DSH optimization (including UPL, LIP, and Section 1115 waiver programs)
  • Analysis of the completeness and accuracy of the submitted information
  • DSH survey assistance
  • Assistance with cost report reviews and audits

We provide value-added services to healthcare providers of all types and sizes, designed to meet expectations in the current environment and prepare for challenges ahead.

DSH and Supplemental Payment Programs (Medicare and Medicaid) Insights

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