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Performance Audits

Empower your organization to do more with a performance audit from CRI.

An accurate portrayal of performance levels for governmental entities is a non-negotiable in today’s often volatile environment Governing nonprofit entities must take a second glance at their operations, placing greater emphasis on program performance improvement, cost reduction, return on investment, and other metrics. How are all these criteria best evaluated? Enter: the performance audit. Performance audits are popular due in part to their versatility that enables them to address a broad range of objectives, including assessing program effectiveness, efficiency, internal controls, performing prospective analyses, and many other objectives.

CRI’s team of governmental and not-for-profit advisors have a winning record of accomplishment of executing performance audits for a broad range of governmental entities and sizes, from local municipalities to state agencies. We are proud to collaborate with each of our clients to tailor each performance audit, resulting in measurable next steps, actionable goals, and overall solutions that are practical, achievable, and cognizant of the communities and public that your organization serves.

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