Auditing services may be considered just a requirement by some business owners, but accurate financial statements deliver a financial health scorecard for your business that you can use throughout the year to guide decisions.

Our team reviews how you collect and present your financial data, helping to ensure the most accurate representation possible. Why is that so important? Knowing your current financial batting average is the first step in being able to focus on improving processes, efficiencies, and your bottom line.

You want a coach and players for your team that understand your sport, and our regional firm’s industry expertise allows us to lead off with a baseline of knowledge of the playing field. With auditors that understand the processes underlying your numbers, we keep our head in the game – focused on recommendations for improved efficiencies and processes can translate into a home run for your business.

CRI’s audit teams deliver these services and create additional opportunities for success—regardless of your size—start-up, small, or mid-sized business. Plus, our registration with the Public Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) enables us to perform accounting and auditing work for publicly-traded corporations.

Yes, we know numbers and data—as you would expect. But even better than that, we interpret that information in the context of business trends and current legislation to assist you in making the best business possible decisions designed to maximize your efficiencies and profitability.  And best of all, we dispense with the technical jargon and translate the complex into plain English. From situational needs such as fraud investigations and business valuations to more general business advice regarding budgeting, we strive to leverage our experience from serving tens of thousands of clients to your benefit.

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