Risk management is a key tactic for addressing data concerns.

As technology has evolved and the business world has become data-centric, protecting your company and its data has become a core concern for companies and regulators. Therefore, risk management has become a key tactic for proactively addressing data concerns—and positively impacting the organization’s success.

Risk management is, by definition, attempting to manage uncertainty. The best place to begin is with a risk assessment—whether it’s enterprise-wide, fraud, or IT focused—since you first need to understand potential barriers to meeting or maximizing your strategic objectives. CRI’s team will work with your team to develop a risk profile of your organization designed to open the door to practical solutions that support – rather than hinder – your daily operations. We deadbolt behind the potential for your business’s success with our risk-based approach, which:

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For board members to be enabled to execute their fiduciary responsibilities, they must be equipped with the accounting and financial knowledge to read and interpret financial statements—and ask probing questions. Similarly, accounting/financial staff members may need higher-level training regarding specific regulatory or accounting requirements, systems, or processes. In either situation, CRI can deliver training tailored to your needs and help your board and/or accounting staff perform their duties effectively.

CRI’s professionals can help you assess the various business risks across an entity. Whether your risks lie with personnel, processes, or systems, let us help you develop a top-down approach and process that clearly identifies and assesses your organization’s risks. Our professionals can also assist you in developing policies, procedures, controls, and systems to mitigate those risks.

When’s the only “bad” time to determine that your organization is at risk for fraud? After it happens. A continuous, effective fraud risk assessment is one of the best ways to deter fraudulent activity. By studying your systems, processes, and controls, our fraud and forensics team can help you identify your entity’s vulnerabilities to fraud and increase its ability to prevent and detect fraud. Let CRI help you assess the source of your greatest risk for fraud and plan how to reduce those risks.

An IT risk assessment is a critical component of a sound information security program. An effective assessment identifies threats to your valuable data and systems, detects vulnerabilities to IT assets, and assesses the potential impact of a risk coming to fruition. Whether it involves protecting you from hacking into your servers and network, conducting a penetration test, assessing weak internal systems, or delving into programming code gone awry, an IT risk assessment can be beneficial. CRI’s team of IT specialists, who have proven their expertise with recognized IT certifications and years of practical experience, stands ready to help you with your IT risks.