CRI identifies and tests internal controls to help you mitigate risks.

Risk identification and risk management are critical for safeguarding your organization against potential threats. In some ways, it may seem like the objective is foreseeing the future. While most of us don’t keep a crystal ball or a Magic 8 ball handy, you can consult business advisors who seemingly have a third eye for detecting and mitigating risks. CRI’s cross-functional internal audit team of IT consultants, CPAs, and forensic accountants is trained to work collaboratively with you to strengthen your internal structure.

CRI’s internal audit team follows a risk-based internal audit approach that can be tailored to your needs.  We can assist by outsourcing your entire internal audit department, co-sourcing with your team, or providing project-specific assistance with new portions of your business or routinely testing the significant internal controls within your business processes. The goals are to improve risk assessment, enhance internal audit quality, and lower overall audit costs – as well as provide recommendations for improvements. While we won’t read your palm, the CRI team will strive to help your organization – regardless of your industry – streamline efficiencies and protect your bottom line.

In-House, Co-Source, or Outsource?

Determine how to handle your internal audit function.