CRI helps you focus on strengthening your IT operations and growing your business.

A clear “picture” of today’s information technology (IT) landscape likely shows that organizations most often face the following challenges:

Although any of these items can happen in a flash, you can limit your organization’s exposure to these risks by working with the right IT auditing team.

CRI’s IT audits and assurance team has a proven track record of successfully angling clients toward their best sides. Our team evaluates, advises, and exposes our clients to a variety of IT security measures such as security procedures, internal control improvements, and user training programs. These measures enlighten our clients to reduced IT-related costs and increased transparency of IT operations. Our expertise in data security threats, privacy regulations, and security best practices results in unbiased recommendations for risk mitigation strategies designed to protect your company. The bottom line is that CRI’s IT audit and assurance team helps you focus your “lens” on strengthening your IT operations while growing your business.

As a HITRUST CSF Assessor, CRI can perform assessment engagements for clients seeking HITRUST Validation or Certification reports. We can also assist clients with the adoption of the CSF framework, implementation, and remediation efforts following adoption. Visit the HITRUST Alliance website for more information.


Solutions Simplified

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IT Audits

IT audits help organizations:

  • meet compliance requirements,
  • gain competitive advantages,
  • improve their security posture, and
  • obtain objective assurance about the IT environment.

Threats to and reliance on IT in today’s environment increase the need for all entities to conduct an IT audit. Our experienced, credentialed, and certified IT audit professionals can help you with these and other related needs.