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Client Resources

Client Payment Portal

Pay your bill, set up recurring payments, connect multiple client numbers to one payment portal account, view your payment history, and more with CRI’s fully Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)-compliant client payment portal software, powered by Aiwyn.

HubSync Document Workspace

HubSync is a collaboration workspace that allows streamlined communication and workflows between you and our CRI team. HubSync’s platform allows you to share information with CRI securely and for us to provide you with information pertaining to your engagement(s).

Client Payment Portal Resources

HubSync Resources

Sharefile Resources

ShareFile allows you to securely share documents with your CRI advisor without having to worry about unsafe information transfers or file size restrictions. This platform easily integrates into your email and gives you the ability to send or request any size document, from anywhere, while also protecting your secure data. Serving as a virtual lockbox, ShareFile offers peace of mind when it comes time to send sensitive emails and attachments by providing you with bank-level encryption.


CRI Tax Resources

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) instructions for Schedule K-1 explain how to report income, credits, deductions, and other items shown on the schedule. Contact your CRI advisor if you need assistance.

CRI's long-time pursuit of delivering high-quality audit and assurance services catalyzes implementing a system of quality controls designed to ensure reasonable assurance for all services delivered. Our firm's experienced partners and professional staff conduct these regular quality control reviews of our audits.

Our partners’ work is reviewed annually, and the inspection process includes periodic testing of the effectiveness of our quality controls and a continuous improvement program. This risk-based annual inspection is intended to mimic the triennial peer review and is performed on completed engagements. In addition to this inspection, we perform in-process “pre-issuance” reviews of our partners’ work chosen using a risk-based selection process. Our Corporate quality control team conducts these reviews. The combination of the in-process and complete engagement reviews make up a portion of our continuous improvement processes.

A peer independent public accounting firm performs our firm’s peer reviews every three years. The most recent review of our firm can be found below and was reported the most favorable possible, “Pass.”

In addition, we are registered with the PCAOB, and our most recent PCAOB inspection report was also the most favorable possible—no audit deficiencies or quality control defects were identified.