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Association Groups

Unlock your potential for member value with CRI’s Association Group Advisory expertise.

Association Groups bolster their members’ growth with a suite of offerings that include specialized member services, targeted education initiatives, comprehensive training programs, legislative monitoring, legislative and politcal advocacy, and robust insurance programs. At CRI, our dedicated Association Group advisory team leverages deep industry knowledge and accounting expertise to support organizations in fulfilling their unique membership and governance goals. We provide strategic guidance to a variety of non-profit and tax-exempt entities—including civic leagues, labor unions, agricultural associations, business and trade leagues, chambers of commerce, and advocacy groups—ensuring compliance with specific provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), such as Sections 501(c) (4), (5), and 501(c)(6). Our services extend to managing the intricate financial aspects of Political Action Committees (PACs), related charitable foundations, and navigating the complexities of alternative risk and group self-insurance programs. CRI and The CRI Family of Companies empower Association Groups to focus on what they do best: driving membership value, expanding program reach, and upholding their fiduciary duties.

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