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IT Risk Assessment

An IT risk assessment from CRI helps you deliver on your non-negotiables: protecting your business and your customers.

An IT risk assessment is the basis for any sound information security program. It is often a requirement of numerous laws and IT frameworks because it focuses technical priorities in the right place and drives IT control audit frequencies. Compiling this process is one of the most crucial steps in identifying controls used to mitigate risks to data and the effectiveness of the control in reducing the risk to that data. IT risk assessments also identify threats to your valuable data and systems, assess the vulnerabilities, and the impacts of risk realization, while also helping identify the all-important “inherent risk,” or the risk after considering the effectiveness of controls. Inherent risk is a critical metric in evaluating the overall information security posture.

At CRI, we think the capability to complete a risk assessment properly depends on the IT auditor’s experience and technical skills. You cannot identify IT risks and vulnerabilities without these skills, and that’s why our IT auditors continually prove their expertise by completing recognized industry certifications that require rigorous technical examinations as well as maintaining annual specific CPE accreditations. This combination of skills and expertise not often found in most organizations’ internal audit departments affords our team the capability to assess risk to client information systems and then implement controls to mitigate risk based on their tolerance level.

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