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PCAOB & SEC Compliance

Delivering value by driving independence and objectivity to the intersection of management needs and public interest.

CRI serves as an independent auditor of record for micro-and mid-cap public companies across a wide range of industries. Our teams possess in-depth experience in the construction, financial services (banks and insurance), healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, and utility areas. We are also registered with the PCAOB, which oversees and monitors CPA firms that provide audit services to SEC Registrants and Issuers. New accounting standards and financial reporting requirements for financial statements filed with the SEC evolve over time and often require an investment of time and resources to maintain proficiency. As a PCAOB registered firm, we provide training and education to our audit engagement teams to ensure that they stay informed of SEC and PCAOB requirements.

Client engagement and collaboration

The labyrinth of reporting and compliance requirements that impact audit committee members and management is often time-consuming and overwhelming. CRI utilizes experience and understanding to deliver straightforward advice that cuts through the clutter to help develop a comprehensive yet efficient audit plan to assess and reduce risk while meeting regulatory guidelines objectively.


With our expansive footprint across 30+ markets and support from PrimeGlobal, our international alliance of independent accounting firms, CRI stands ready to meet your organization’s needs, providing insights to improve your processes and bottom line. Our team includes auditors, tax professionals, IT consultants, forensic accountants, and business advisors with a wide breadth of knowledge relating to SEC and PCAOB rules and regulations. Our special sauce of blending technical skills, industry-specific expertise, and years of experience yields a return of unmatched service quality and guidance.


Whether you’re pre-IPO, a periodic reporter, or evaluating a potential transaction, CRI can help your team throughout your business’ lifecycle with services like acquisition audits, form filings (e.g., annual 10Ks and 11Ks, quarterly 10Qs, periodic 8ks), IPOs, internal audit co/out-sourcing, registration statements, and SOX 404 compliance.

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