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Finances are the lifeblood of your organization.

A business is just an idea without finances. Given the importance of your financial statements, careful consideration of the level of assurance provided by your auditing team is warranted. Regardless of the types of financial statements, the accounting framework used, or the level of the service supplied, CRI’s team of industry-specific expertise is designed to increase your efficiencies and provide unparalleled client service. Our hands-on involvement and ongoing communication are paired with tailored solutions to meet your organization’s needs. And in today’s digital climate, virtual audits are not only an idea; they are a possibility with CRI’s vSTAR™ process. CRI’s vSTAR™ process combines the technology with the human components of insight, advice, and responsiveness to deliver a superb audit experience with increased efficiency, honed client focus, significantly reduced travel costs, and crisis-proofing for business functions. Together with CRI vSTAR™, CRI’s team of seasoned audit CPAs bring heart to the financial statement audit process for your organization.

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