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Business Interruption

Let CRI point you in the right direction for your business interruption claim.

When disaster strikes your business, CRI can help you develop and implement a quick and restorative financial solution specific to your needs. If you own a business that has experienced a business interruption, then CRI can help you efficiently recover your losses so you can devote your time to restoring your business. Because preparing business interruption claims is very detailed, complex, and specialized work requiring a tremendous amount of documentation, our goal at CRI is to lessen this burden and gain the highest possible recovery for you. We get to work gathering data, analyzing records, and making projections with minimal interruption to your team. You’ll benefit from our application of best practices based on our significant experience preparing similar claims.

No matter what the disaster or how impactful, CRI can help. We provide claims services throughout the process—from compiling data and preparing reports to the formal claim submission process. Specifically, these services include:

  • analyzing financials,
  • projecting lost revenues and profits,
  • accounting for recovery costs incurred,
  • securing cash advances, and
  • creating detailed claim reports for your insurance company.

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