Add success to your hospitality company’s menu by taking advantage of our broad spectrum of available services.

Owning and managing a hospitality company – such as a restaurant, resort, or country club – requires prioritizing your goals to maximize profitability and enhance success. Cash and inventory controls, pricing, labor costs, and regulatory compliance impact your bottom line. Meanwhile, your business requires continuous cash flow planning and timely financial statements. And, most of all, your business thrives on providing patrons with five-star service. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our CPA’s understanding of the intricacies of hospitality and to share that understanding to help ensure your best possible results.

CRI is a full-service, super-regional CPA firm that has years of experience serving hospitality clients and performing a broad range of services, such as employee benefit plan audits, accounting system set-up, tax planning and compliance, entity selection, and more. But what makes CRI a great partner for this industry is our most important similarity: customer service and relationships with depth are at the heart of our long-term success.

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