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For many of our clients, their business is their single biggest investment – of time, money, talent, or attention. For others, they invest these same assets in enhancing an organization that they believe in. At the end of the day, our clients want the organization to innovate, prosper, grow, and reach its full potential. With that objective in mind, our clients require advisors and consultants that will jump in, roll up their sleeves, deliver solutions, and assist them with implementing bright ideas to drive their business.

We firmly believe that your success is our success. Therefore, while we focus on delivering the number-crunching, financial, compliance, and data-focused services that you expect, we also strive to deliver value – and those “light bulb” ideas – in other areas that might surprise you. After first understanding your goals, we’ll provide a team that possesses deep expertise in multiple disciplines such as tax, accounting, auditing, IT audit, fraud, forensics, valuation, and internal controls. We strive to unlock your company’s value through critical thinking, innovative solutions, hard work, and know-how derived from a proven track record. Using the knowledge gained from tens of thousands of clients, CRI’s professionals can assist you with your construction company, financial institution, governmental entity, healthcare entity, medical practice, manufacturing or distribution company, nonprofit organization, or insurance company.

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Business Interruption Services

Natural disasters and other devastating events – such as fires and power outages – can seriously injure a business, putting an indefinite halt to operations and risking its future. CRI can help you develop and implement a quick and restorative financial solution, including assistance with preparing and filing a clear, credible business interruption claim.