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Form 6 for Florida Elected Officials & Candidates: What To Know About the New Filing Requirements

Jan 9, 2024

Elected municipal officials and mayors in Florida, as well as persons appointed to fill those positions, should be aware that the Florida Commission on Ethics now mandates more comprehensive and detailed annual financial disclosures than previously required under state law. Beginning January 1, 2024, you now must file Form 6, Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests, rather than Form 1.

As part of the updated financial disclosure requirements, it's important that relevant parties understand the obligations pertaining to Form 6. Below are key points regarding who is required to file, where to submit the form, and how it differs from Form 1.

Who must change from Form 1 to Form 6 in 2024?

  • Mayors and elected members of the governing body of a municipality serving as of December 31, 2023, including persons appointed to fill a vacancy in one of those positions.
  • Individuals elected to one of those positions in 2024.
  • Candidates running for elected to one of those positions.

Where do you file Form 6?

How is Form 6 different from Form 1?

Financial Disclosure Forms Comparison
Period covered Your finances as of December 31 of the filing year (or a more recent date you select) A review of your finances for the filing year
Assets Tangible/intangible assets & real property > $1,000 individually and household goods/personal effects collectively Intangible personal property > $10,000 individually and certain real property in Florida
Liabilities Over $1,000 (with potential exclusions) Over $10,000 (with potential exclusions)
Net worth? Yes (total assets minus total liabilities) No
Primary income Sources > $1,000 Sources > $2,500
Public salary? Disclose Do not disclose
Secondary income Businesses of which you own > 5% and income is > $1,000: disclose clients/customers > 10% of business' gross income Businesses of which you own > 5% and income is > $5,000: disclose clients/customers > 10% of business' gross income
Ethics training? Yes, if applicable Yes, if applicable

Does Form 6 allow for confidential filing?

  • Yes, filers who are eligible to have certain information withheld from public record can do so; however, they must reapply for confidential status before filing Form 6.

Resources for Filers from the Commission

For the convenience of filers, the Commission provides informational resources to streamline the filing process. These include:

  • E-filing Tips: Guidance on how to request confidential filer status, how to login or register at the Electronic Financial Disclosure Management System (EFDMS), and step-by-step assistance on filing the form.
  • Submission Requirements: A list of which forms you must submit, along with the associated submission deadlines, categorized by the type of position held.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Answers to common questions regarding the disclosure process and logging in or creating a new account at EFDMS.
  • Form 6 Instructions: Instructions for accurately filling out and submitting the disclosure.

For any further inquiries about Form 6 or assistance navigating the updated filing requirements, we recommend consulting your legal counsel. They possess the specialized expertise to best assist you with these updated filing requirements.

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