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Clarifying Compliance: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Organizations

Nov 15, 2019

From coding to financial reporting, taxation to cost reporting, compliance is a way of life for healthcare providers. Reporting and compliance requirements are changing rapidly and becoming increasingly burdensome, leading to uncertainty and confusion. To further complicate matters, new payment models are making it harder for providers to get paid correctly, adequately, and timely. It’s exhausting, but procrastination is not a viable option. Many of these standards and requirements take significant time and resources to prepare for, and waiting until the last minute could cost you significant money — and will certainly cause headaches. The consequences of being out of compliance can include steep fines, loss of tax-exempt status, negative press, and loss of market share. Download our helpful e-book to see what’s changing for a few key topics, how you can expect the changes to impact your organization, and what to do now.

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